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What is the application and approval process?

The path to becoming a Complete Auto Driving School Instructor is an exciting jouney. Not all Complete Auto Driving School Instructors have background in teaching, but most are excellent drivers themselves and have years of experience in safe and defensive driving. Many have some kind of business background and have decided to apply it to help keep roads a safer place for all of us. Many have college degree or higher. We will work with you to complete the multiphased process once you have submitted your application.

Application and Approval process at a glance

  1. 1. Initial Application
  2. 2. Telephone Interview
  3. 3. In-Person Interview
  4. 4. Pennsylvania Driver Instructor Application
  5. 5. Pennsylvania Driver Instructor Written Exam
  6. 6. Finger Print
  7. 7. Incorporate Business
  8. 8. Prepare Instuctor's Vehicle
  9. 9. Training
  10. 10. Start Making Appointments with Students
  11. 11. Pennsylvania Driver Instructor Road Exam
  12. 12. Sign Independent Contractor Agreement
Step 1 : Complete and submit your application

You may submit the application on-line or print out the form and apply by mail.

Step 2 : An initial interview via telephone with recruitment manager

Once completed application is received and reviewed, we will contact the qualified applicant via telephone within 10 day

Step 3 : An in-person interview with general manager

Be prepared to drive with the general manager - If you already have the car you will be using to teach please bring it with you. Bring your proof of asset and proof of funding. Begin State Instructor's Application Form.

Step 4 : Mail in the Completed Pennsylvania State Instructors Application Form

Must be USA Citizen, In Good health, Good Driving Record, Child Abuse and Police Clearance. This process may take up to 12 weeks, Check for $235.00.

Step 5 : State Written Exam

Upon approval of your State's Instructors Application Form, you will prepare and take the State Exam

Step 6 : Finger Print

State of Pennsylvania requires all Driving Instructors to be finger printed prior to Instructor's Road Exam.

Step 7 : Register a small business corporation

Incorporate your business

Step : 8 Prepare a car to be used for teaching

Upon passing of the written Exam, you will prepare a Late model passanger car. Commercial Vehicle Insurance. Install Instructor's Mirror and Brakes. Purchase signages for the car.

Step 9 : Training

Three stage training will begin soon after the State's Instructor Application for has been submitted to the State.

Step 10 : Sign Independent Contractor Driver Instructor Agreement

Agreement signing

Step 11 : Start Making Appointments with Students


Step 12 : State's Road Exam

Upon passing of the exam, you may start to teach

Step 13 : Execute Agreement

Upon passing of the exam, you may start to teach


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