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  1. Q: Why Driving School Business and why go with us?
    Currently, we are the only company looking to help you establish your own driving school in the State of Pennsylvania. With us, you will start to make money as soon as you are approved for Independent Driving Instructor. After working for us as an Independent Contractor for 2 years, we will assist you to obtain your own Private Driving Training School (PDTS) License from the State. PA State law requires that you have at least 2 years of Driving Instructor experience in order to applying for your own PDTS License. Upon the completion of 2 years of working with us as an independent driving instructor, you may be offered unique opportunity, where we will assist you in getting Your Own PDTS License and open your own Driving School. In addition, we're well known to our students throughout State of Pennsylvania, so will have steady flow of income and will have access to our teaching techniques that helped many of students to pass the State driver's exam the very first time they take the test.
  2. Q: How long before I can actually start working?
    The process of getting your Instructor's License can take as much as 16 weeks and as little as 8 weeks. Please visit "Our Process" page for further details.
  3. Q: Am I qualified?
    You must be least 21 years old and are of US citizen and of good health with good driving record and pass the criminal background check. You will have to pass both the written exam and road exam given by the State. In addition, you need to have a late model passenger vehicle with commercial insurance. You must possess professional appearance, strong interpersonal and communication skills and be fluent in English.
  4. Q: How much money can I expect to make?
    As an Independent Instructor at Complete Auto Driving School, you will make excellent money. We work on 65% / 35% split. As an Independently Contracted Instructor, you will make 65% of all lessons you teach. Currently we charge $120 to $140 per 2 hours lesson. Many of our instructors teach 3 to 5 lessons per day. You are expected to do between $65,000 to $145,000 worth of lessons annually. The Initial Business Development Period (IBDP) for any given Area of Service is 13 weeks. An Area of Service takes 13 weeks to develop a Stable business with weekly Sales of $1,145 and above. Much of the 35% split to the school will be used to cover the minimum Service Area Maintenance Fee (SAMF) of $400/wk. After the Initial Business Development Period of 13 weeks, all Areas of Service are expected to maintain sales above $1,145 per week. You will pay for all of your expenses, including but not limited to gasoline, wear and tear of your vehicle, your vehicle payments, insurance payment, etc. After working for us as an Independent Contractor for 2 years, we will assist you to obtain your own Private Driving Training School (PDTS) License from the State.
  5. Q: How much is the start up cost?
    Compare to any other businesses, the startup cost to become an Independent Contractor for Complete Auto driving school is very low. If you already own a late model vehicle that you will use for the business, the startup cost should be under $3,800.
  6. Q: Do I have to work fixed amount of hours per week?
    No. As an Independent Instructor, you may work as little or as much as you like. But because you will be given a territory and we will continue to advertise and invest into your area, you will be required to cover the minimum maintenance fee for your area. The Minimum Maintenance Fee for each area is $400 per week. Also, because we are committed to excellent service and are obligated to servicing all qualified students you will be required to give your available schedule 8 weeks in advance.
  7. Q: Do I have to any keep record of the Lessons I teach?
    Yes, you will be required to keep record of the lessons as mandated by the Department of Education. Please visit
  8. Q: Is there Uniform Requirement?
    No, but we have dress code for the Instructors and minimum safety equipment requirement for your vehicle. The dress code for the Instructors is "Professional Look", dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes, clean haircut, etc. The minimum required safety equipment for your vehicle, are dual breaks, dual rear view mirror, magnetic signs, etc.
  9. Q: How can I get My Own Driving School License?
    We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the State regulations about starting your own PDTS. Please visit One of the State Law requires that you have at least 2 years of Driving Instructor experience prior to applying for your own PDTS License. For the selected, we are prepared to assist in obtaining own PDTS license. You may request further information concerning this matter during your application approval process.
  10. Q: When must I file for Small Business statues?
    We require for you to have EIN number from IRS in order for us to work together.
  11. Q: What is 1099?
    As an Independently Contracted Driving Instructor, you will get 1099-MISC, instead of W-2. If you have earned at least $600 in income per tax year, you will receive Form 1099-MISC that shows the total amount of payment made to you for your services for the tax year.
  12. Q: How large is my "Territory"?
    Your "Territory" is defined as 1 Sq. Mile from your place of business. However your "Area of Service" will be approximately 20 Sq. Miles from your place of business. Your "Area of Service" will be further defined during our application process, depending on your location.
  13. Q: May I operate more than one Complete Auto Driving School?
    Yes, you may operate multiple "Area of Service" for Complete Auto Driving School. The growth potential with us is exponential. You must have followed all regulations mandated by the Department of Education and not be in default with us.
  14. Q: Can I do my own local advertising?
    Yes, but by law all advertising must be done through the school. All your advertising efforts must be reviewed and approved by the school. If you like to advertise locally and are willing to pay for the expenses associated with the advertising, please forward your requests.

The information presented here is believed to be accurate, but is not warranted. If you are selected as a potential operator you will given more information detailing the Complete Auto Driving School business model, including liability and Service Area agreement that will govern your relationship with Complete Auto Driving School. We advise all prospective Complete Auto Driving School operators to consider carefully the decision to operate a Complete Auto Driving School. Prospective operators should consult their advisors.


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